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ipOcean for Corporations


Collaboration, innovation and communication are key for your success and survival but how can you overcome the issue of limited trust, talent, resources and time?

Accelerate your innovation

Want to speed up your innovation processes by sharing or searching for know-how, ideas, intellectual property or sensitive data in a secure environment?

Build on-demand B2B groups and collaborate with experts from your industry to innovate faster

Quick & Trusted Data-Tranfer

looking for less time-comsuming processes to start collaborating and exchanging sensitive data cross company?

Exchange your data quickly while securing ownership simultaneously via a virtualized legal process which operates in the background as you collaborate

Find partners to collaborate with

Do you have great solutions but need further talent and expertise to bring them to market? Are you looking for a reliable way to engage in open innovation?

Start new collaborations & improve your innovation processes e.g. by hosting challenges and projects designed to address your specific needs

Join ipOcean to get a fast, low priced and secure network for data ownership protection, trusted data exchanges and collaboration & innovation.

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