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How to transfer data?

First of all:
Activate your blockchain ID to transfer the data.

You haven't created your blockchain identity already?
Click here to learn how to do this.

  • To be able to exchange a document, the corresponding entry must be requested via the platform. To do this, use the contact button of the filing and select "Request filing".
  • Afterwards you have the possibility to add a personal message to the request and in case the provider has deposited terms and conditions you have to accept them or suggest new ones. Then "Send" the rquest and download the private key.
  • If terms have been agreed upon, the provider can allow the requester access to the deposited document under open actions. Therefore he/she pushes the "Reply/Negotiate" button and chooses the document to encrypt and grant the requestor acess.
  • The Rquestor has then the opportunity to download the document under open actions.

✔️ You have successfully done the data transfer!