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What is a challenge and how does it work?

A challenge is a tool on ipOcean which enables you to run secure hackathons and open innovation in a secure setting in order to attract top talent and high quality solutions. challenges can be about anything from a new solution to a technical problem to a pitch for funding. As always, you have total control over who sees the challenge as well as what the terms and conditions of viewing the data are. Below is a step by step guide for you to follow.

  • to initiate the process of creating a challenge, go to the explore tab and click "create new filing."
  • Next you must enter your pin to confirm your blockchain identity. (If you do not have a blockchain identity, click here to learn more)
  • Once confirmed, choose "Challenge" and enter a title and subtitle for your challenge and choose the file that you wish to use.
  • Next you must choose whether to upload the data for public access. This is an important question which must be considered carefully. to learn more click here.
  • Next, choose terms of engagement. Use one of our NDA's or upload a contract of your own if there is sensitive information involved. The counterparty will need to agree to the terms before viewing the file.
  • Finally, tell them what its all about. Write a description of the challenge and upload whatever you need your participants to see and wait for the solutions to start rolling in.

✔️ You have successfully created a challenge!