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This is a step by step guide for you to follow. Learn how to create a challenge and call for proposals in order to select ideas & solutions

1. Start creation

You can start the process by clicking Start Innovation Challenge on the starting screen.

2. Identify

Scan the QR-Code with your smartphone to identify via your blockchain identity.

(If you do not have a blockchain identity, click here )

3. Proof of Ownership

In this step you create a fingerprint for your document to protect ( no upload needed).

Set the title, subtitle and originator and select the document to protect.

4. Decide wheater to upload your data for public access

You want to keep full control
over your data?

You recieve the request and grant access
to specific persons.


You want to make your data
easily accessible?

Users with access to your entry can download your
file without requesting it.


With both options, the users MUST identify themselves to receive the document and you can track who received the document and when.

5. Optional: Choose your contract

Choose terms of engagement. Counterparties have to agree before getting access.

6. Prepare your post

The post is viewable to your selected audience.
- Describe the content of your data
- Add image or video
- Become more viewable choosing tags, keywords and classification

7. Publish to your selected audience

Decide for whom your entry will be visible. You can select between:
- public (all)
- only me (nobody)
- marketplace
- selected contacts


Share your entry with your targets!