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How to create a contract ?

  • To initiate the process of creating a contract, go to the explore tab and click "create new filing".
  • Next you must confirm your password and enter your pin to confirm your blockchain identity. (If you do not have a blockchain identity, click here to learn more)
  • Once confirmed, choose "Contract" and enter a title, subtitle and optionally a description for your contract and choose the file of your contract. Then push the button "verify contract".
    For help in making your contract compatible with ipOcean, contact us. We will create a template for you.
  • Next you must choose whether to share this content for public access - If you do not want this leave the checkbox uncklicked!
  • Finally click publish - Afterwards your contract will be available in the drop-down menu in the second step of creating a new proposal or challenge. 

✔️ You have successfully created a contract!