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Data Privacy / Site Notice

Explanation of the privacy settings

ipOcean offers a number of different levels of privacy on a filing so that no matter what your situation, you can find one that fits your needs. When you create a filing, selecting the level of confidentiality is the final step before publishing. You will see the words "publish to" and a corresponding dropdown menu. The options are listed below with their respective features.

  • Private (only me) This setting is generally used for securing ownership on a document. Nobody will be able to see it but it will be time stamped on Ethereum blockchain.
  • Selected contacts This option is exactly what it sounds like. Your filing will only be made available to exactly who you choose. You can add/remove people to/from this list at any time by going to the filing and clicking "update"
  • Public choosing this setting makes the filing visible to anyone. They will of course still need to agree to your terms and conditions before they request access to the file.
  • Open Group If you choose to publish your filing to a group, a dropdown menu will appear with a list of all the groups that you are a member of. Next to each name you will see the groups privacy setting. An open group is open to anyone to join.
  • Closed Group These groups are visible to anyone but users must send an application to join at which point the group administrator can choose to admit them or not.
  • Private groupThis is the most confidential setting for a group. These groups are both inaccessible join and invisible to outsiders. Admission is based on invitation only.

✔️ Choose the option which fits for your needs