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Data Privacy / Site Notice

Should I upload my file to public access?

Choosing whether to upload the file for public access is an important question which must be considered carefully. If you upload the file for public access, anyone who can see the challenge or proposal will be able to download it immediately, given they agree to your terms and conditions. The file itself will also be stored in our cloud. If you choose to leave this checkbox blank, your file will not be uploaded to our cloud. Instead when you later wish to release the file to someone, simply upload the same file and the hash will match the original hash thereby confirming that it is the same file.


  • You will not need to store the file yourself. We will store it for you. (if you do not click this box, you will have to upload the identical file again when you wish to send it)
  • For more information on confidentiality, click here
  • Your counterparty can view your file as soon as they click on it. This speeds up the process for you and your counterparty.

Things to consider

  • Anybody who sees the filing and agrees to the terms can immediately download it. Consider the level of confidentiality of your proposal or challenge. You will receive a notification and blockchain record of their download.

✔️ Choose the option which fits for your needs