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The barriers to collaboration and innovation

Major trust & security concerns when sharing or searching for ideas, knowhow, intellectual property or data

How can you protect your ownership when sharing via internet?

Complicated, time consuming process for organizations to start collaborating cross-company

How can you quickly exchange know-how, data, ideas, ...?

Offline meetings, connect fairs & events are rare with limited reach with no access to the Global brain pool 

How can you get fast access to experts in a trusted setting?


How we bring
collaboration & innovation
into the future

Our simple 4 step process is the foundation of the Trust Network - even for hackathons and quality open innovation. You share or collect ideas, know-how, data or challenges safely with people who can bring your project and vision forward. Moreover you build important relationships.
Fast - Freemium - Secure.

ipOcean combines the speed, connectivity and low price of the internet with a sophisticated blockchain protocol as well as a digital ID management. With ipOcean you have a trustworthy blockchain platform - The Trust Network - to transform your ideas, know-how, data and intellectual property into innovation with impact. Start quality open innovation, find investors, find partners to join your vision, collaborate with people who have similar ideas & to ultimately contribute in solving the challenges of our world.


Open innovation Infrastructure host hackathons and challenges on our easy-to-use platform

Virtualized legal process we guide you through the NDA formulation process

Intellectual property security confidential data exchange with or without public disclosure

blockchain supported process all contracts time stamped, verifiable, and manipulation protected

lasting partnerships find partners, supporters, investors and clients in your field