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Data Privacy / Site Notice

My Blockchain Identity

What is a blockchain identity?

Every user has a blockchain identity that identifies him and that only he can verify. This is done via the scanned QR Code, which only the user with the correct private key can process correctly. Each user has only one blockchain identity.

Notice: Each user can have different profiles to be active for different organizations as well as an individual.

Why do I need a blockchain identity?

You need your blockchain-identity to secure and exchange documents via ipOcean because every of your actions is stored as a hash on the ipOcean blockchain in connection with your identity.

How can I create my blockchain identity?

  • The first time you log in, you will be automatically asked to create your blockchain identity. Click Create blockchain identity to start.
  • A QR-Code will appear on your screen. Scan the code with your phone camera or QR-Code scanner to download the ipOcean App.
  • Open the app and click "Create identity" to choose your personal passcode.
  • Next use the scan function on the app to scan the QR-Code on your screen and type your passcode in once more to continue.

Done: Once you have set you blockchain identity you can start data exchange via ipOcean. Have fun! 😉