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My filings

What is a filing?

A filing can be a Proposal, Challenge, Post or Contract. You can find your filings under "My Activities".

What is the difference between Proposal, Challenge and Post?

With a Proposal you secure, protect and share your confidential information via ipOcean. You offer users to request your filing to get access to the deposited document.

Create a Challenge if you are looking for a solution to a specific problem. You are challenging the ipOcean community to submit their proposals to solve your problem.

With these filings a document is hashed and secured on the blockchain.

With a Post no document is secured on the blockchain. It corresponds to an average social media post that can be used to communicate via the platform.

How to create a new filing?

  • To initiate the process of creating a proposal, go to the explore tab and click "create new filing".
  • Next you must confirm your password and enter your pin to confirm your blockchain identity. (If you do not have a blockchain identity, click here to learn more)
  • Once confirmed, choose "Proposal" and enter a title and subtitle for your proposal and choose the file that you wish to use.
  • Next you must choose whether to upload the data for public access. This is an important question which must be considered carefully. to learn more click here.
  • Next, choose terms of engagement. Use one of our NDA's or upload a contract of your own. The counterpart will need to agree to the terms before viewing the file.
  • Finally, add a post to your your filing. Include a description, tags, videos and more to get the conversation going.

Finally you can choose if you want to publish the filing publically, to o group, to individuals or only to yourself. If you are selecting β€žgroupβ€œ, select a specific group from the drop-down menu, click here to learn more.

Notice: During the whole process you have the opportunity to save your filing as a draft in order to continue working on it later!

How can I request a filing?

  • Click on the β€žContactβ€œ  button of a filing and choose β€žRequest filingβ€œ.
  • To request a filing your verification via your blockchain identity is required. Therefore your have to
    a) Enter your password
    b) Scan the QR-Code with your mobile camera or QR-Code Scanner
    c) Scanning the QR-Code will lead you to β€žchain.ipocean.comβ€œ where you have to enter your PIN to fulfill the blockchain authentication.
  • After you have verified yourself you will see a pop-up on your screen.
    Here you can
    a) add a personal message to your request,
    b) agree to the terms (in case there is a contract deposited) or
    c) propose another contract.
  • By pushing β€žSendβ€œ your request will be sent to the contact person of the requested filing and you will recieve the private key to download the document.