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My Network

Where do I find my contacts?

You can find your contacts under "My Connections" within "My Network" on the right side of any ipOcean page.

How to find and add contacts on ipOcean?

  • Click the search bar in the top left corner of any ipOcean page or use the search bar under "My Connections".
  • Type the name of the contact you are searching for into the search bar and click the search icon.
  • To send someone a contact request, click on "options" and choose "Add contact".
  • Add a personal message to your contact request optionally and click send to complete the process.

You can "Add a contact" as well clicking "Contact" in the bottom right corner of a filing.

How do I accept a contact request on ipOcean?

To accept a contact request:

  • Go to "Notifications" under "Communications" on the left side of any ipOcean page.
  • Click "Confirm" to accept the contact request.