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My ipOcean

What can I do at ipOcean?

Ever had a bad feeling or even fear when sharing important and valuable data over the Internet? We solve this problem with our trust network - ipOcean. Feel good about sharing important information!

  • With ipOcean you can collaborate rapidly, find new solutions and innovation together and make a quick impact - even across organizations.

How exactly does that work?

Step 1: Secure ownership of your data

Select the file you want to secure. A hash of the file is created and stored on the blockchain. It indicates which document you have secured on ipOcean at what time, without any information from the document actually being disclosed.

Step 2: Use our virtual legal process

Optionally, you can add a contract (e.g. Non Disclosure Agreement) to your secured document, which must be accepted by the applicant before any transfer of data can occur.

Step 3: Prepare post and share

Enter a description of your data to be published.
The description should therefore not contain any confidential information about the data you have secured in the first step - focus on the value of your information to attract attention. Then share your entry leveraging existing networks.

Step 4: Collaborate

Grant interested users access to the document in order to enter into new cooperations. Each time the file is exchanged, a new hash is generated, showing whom you have granted access to your information and when.

Who has access to my secured data?

No one can see your secured data, not even we at ipOcean. The exchange of data only takes place when you grant a user access to your secured file. When the file is exchanged, a hash is again generated to document whom you have granted access to your information and when. Aditionally, you can trigger an optional virtual contract process for an extra layer of security when creating your entry. This means you can deposit a contract, e.g. a confidentiality agreement, which must be accepted by the applicant before the data transfer.