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ipOcean for Research Centers


Research is at the forefront of progress but too often goes to waste. Are you looking for a trusted way to secure, promote and capitalize
on your data, share it and start collaborating?

Secure your cutting edge technologies
and inventions

Your sensitive data are vulnerable to both inadvertent disclosure and targeted attacks. Are you looking for a trusted solution to secure it with a timestamp?

Secure your innovations verifiably and with manipulation protection using our blockchain based system

Share & promote research safely

Patent applications are very time-consuming and cost-intensive processes which do not give you the option to update the submitted data as you innovate on your idea. How can you simplify and speed up your IP protection needs

Secure ownership within minutes. Work with our virtual legal process to ensure confidentiality and start collaboration quickly, easily and securely

Find partners, investors and clients

Do you have great solutions but need further expertise or help to take the next step or bring them to market? Are you looking for a quick way to start collaboration and open innovation?

Start new collaborations & improve your innovation processes by hosting challenges and projects designed to address your specific needs

Join ipOcean to get a fast, low priced and secure network for data ownership protection, trusted data exchanges and collaboration & innovation.

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