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More revenues & better services while saving cost and time.

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Solutions & Innovation are vital.
Make your business more resilient, sustainable and inclusive

  • We provide you with the benefits of the Internet AND ON TOP with

interaction with your selected audience only

protection to your needs on 3 levels

verifiability & proof

affordable pricing for everyone

ipOcean helps

  • to offer and pass-on valuable information and digital assets to your clients only and NOT your competitors, big data bots or data thiefs by providing on-demand, protected B2B market places that can be leveraged via existing network and ecosystems in order to get more clients,
  • to speed up innovation and finding solutions by collaborating in consortia or get input from top talents e.g. via open innovation challenges in order to deliver better products & services,
  • to exchange data confidentially and private by using our virtual legal process for agreements on the fly and by having proof of ownership & delivery in order to save time and lower cost, and
  • to start collaborative innovation to fight Global key risks such as climate change together.

ipOcean: B2B Marketplaces
customizable and protected to your needs



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