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ipOcean for Start-ups

Find investors quickly and protect the data necessary to secure your future

Connect with Investors
Gain the perfect outlet to source investors and secure your future success

Prove Your Ownership
Get proof of ownership for all of your ideas, so you can pitch them worry-free

Present Solutions
Use our marketplaces to present your work while protecting your data from competitors

-- on-demand & protected to your needs & 24/7 Online --


The solution
On-demand - Protected - B2B market places

Full Control & Affordable

Identification & KYC

Agreements on the fly (eg NDAs)

Proof of ownership & delivery

Visibility & Access Control

ipOcean for startups

You have a great start-up and you are looking for a secure solution to introduce your business idea to customers, investors, partners and more in order to conquer the market?


Attract Investors

You have a great business case, pitch book, demo, or term sheet and want to transfer the info quickly and securely to investors?

Present your elevator pitch with your intellectual property secured on a blockchain

Bring in Clients

Your solutions are ready and you have sensitive details to share with your future clients?

Present your solution & benefits with your ownership secured in the background and share it via your network or via social media channels

Find Collaborative partnerships

Your great solutions need further expertise before you are ready to bring them to market?

Collaboration and open innovation is the fasted way - Find collaborative partners by sharing your solution and starting tailor-made campaigns based on your needs

The problem to
trade solutions and innovation online


Trust & Security

How to protect ownership on your data ?


How to negotiate and sign agreements on the fly e.g. NDAs?


How to leverage existing networks and ecosystems?


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