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offer and pass-on latest solutions & technology

Open Innovation
& Hackathons
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manage events out of your protected space

Protected Collaboration
Proof of actions, delivery & authenticity

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Technology Transfer

“[…] The protection mechanisms on the platform create the necessary confidence to present our technologies and get in touch quickly. [...] The platform has the potential to become the LinkedIn for technology […].”

Joachim Nöller, Helmholtz UFC, 2021

Innovation Challenge / Hackathon

“[…] protected and flexible framework that allowed us to perform our challenges […].”

Nadja Möller, ACHEMA, 2021


“[…] ipOceanfor the best networking with investors and strategic partners.”

Fähzan Ahmad, Klar2O, 2021

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The internet is fast and easy. But, it has a lack of trust which results in high levels of intransparency. This causes high costs, long lead times and a series of missed opportunities.

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