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The Trust Network


ipOcean helps you

  • to build on-demand, protected B2B market places for innovation, technology, know-how & data
  • or vice versa - to capture ideas, technology and know-how for your specific purposes e.g. via open innovation challenges
  • to find partners, supporters, clients and investors
  • by providing you with a Next Generation Internet that allows to leverage existing network in order
    to attract top
    talents and counterparties and
    to deliver quality solutions for your and your clients' needs !

  • With ipOcean - THE TRUST NETWORK - key hurdles are cleared upfront such as

ownership protection

confidential and privacy ensuring data exchange


on-demand group formation

  • to ensure engagement of third parties and to save your time as well as save friction and admin costs

Use Case: Open innovation 2.0

Attract top talent for cutting edge solutions
specific to your needs

ipOcean: Open innovation 2.0

Total clarity on intellectual property incl. a process for terms and conditions

Top Talents know the valuable ideas are the ones worth protecting

On-demand group formation and specialized networks as open, private or closed groups.

What's left are quality solutions or the future of open innovation

Traditional: Open innovation

Lack of clarity around ip and terms and conditions or complex setups

Top talent will steer clear for fear of having their solution just copied

Current platforms are broad in scope and don't target solutions relevant to your specific industry needs.

What's left are fast and cheap solutions not really addressing your need


Built on an already STRONG NETWORK

Initial partners and supporters

Supporting Programs and Accelerators


ipOcean brings quality parties togehter

Watch one of our success stories