We bring innovation to a new outstanding level

We provide you with open innovation and collective intelligence at YOUR trust level as well as securitization of IP, ideas and challenges - collaborative innovation will become reality for YOU  

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Innovation at a new outstanding level Our beta version is ready and you're invited for a live test or demo.  

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IT'S ABOUT URGENCY Use of the platform for projects with social impact as fighting the Climate Crisis will be for FREE.

The Problem for collaborative innovation

Trust is the major concern for people when sharing or searching for ideas or IP

Fairs & network events leave you disconnected from the global Brain Pool

Today, no easy way excists to have fast and secure exchange of the ideas and challenges  


Our mission:

We want to organize the world`s ideas and challenges and make them fast, easily and safely accessible, verifiable and useful

Initial partners and supporters

Our vision

We believe that accelerating innovation is a win-win situation for all businesses, investors and the planet's future

The Solution

ipOcean is combining blockchain, AI and digital ID management: With ipOcean you have a trustworthy blockchain platform to transform your ideas into innovation, to find investors, to find partners joining your visions, to connect with people who have similar ideas & to contribute to challenges of the world.

We bring your innovation to a new outstanding level

In a simple process you share your ideas and challenges safely with people who can bring your ideas forward. Moreover you build important rlationships and you have no cost to send your ideas on its way.

Choose the information, idea, challenge or intellectual properety you want to secure via ipOcean - it will not be loaded onto the platform

Optional is to offer terms as e.g. a confidentiality agreement - if your information is requested the requestor has to agree or negotiate terms before he/she gets access to your information

Write a description of your filing and create tags

Get contact to partners, supporters or investors, get responses, START YOUR COLLABORATION


Better & faster innovations by combining and building on ideas AI supported matching of ideas and challenge Full user control over the process Immediate access and contact NDA / CDA process virtualized (legal framework) Enterprise / intranet version: Fast internal innovation exchange  

"We believe in open innovation!"

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