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Key problems are solved via:

  • Agreements on the fly
  • Integrations
  • Social Media
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Confidentiality
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Controlled Visibility
  • Clear Identification
  • We provide you with the benefits of the Internet AND ON TOP with

interaction with your selected audience only

protection to your needs on 3 levels

confidentiality &
virtual contracts

verifiability &
proof &

  • We provide you with the benefits of the Internet AND ON TOP with

interaction with your selected audience only

protection to your needs on 3 levels

confidentiality &
virtual contracts

verifiability &
proof &

Matching of

  • problems & solutions
  • supply & demand
  • challenges & ideas
  • BC & investment

is vital for every organization!

ipOcean helps

  • to offer and pass-on valuable information and digital assets to your clients only and NOT your competitors, big data bots or data thiefs by providing on-demand, protected B2B market places that can be leveraged via existing network and ecosystems in order to get new and more clients,
  • to speed up innovation and finding solutions by collaborating in consortia or get input from top talents e.g. via open innovation challenges in order to deliver better products & services and
  • to exchange data confidentially and privately by using our virtual legal process for agreements on the fly and by having proof of ownership & delivery in order to save time and lower cost, as well as
  • support initiatives to fight Global key risks such as climate change together.

Make your business more

  • efficient
  • inclusive
  • resilient
  • sustainable

ipOcean clears key hurdles in the internet to support your business

The internet can immediately connect everybody and allows them to share all type of information. But today, it lacks trust: The big internet companies collect all type of data including the info on web pages and in social-media. Why? Data and information are assets.

ipOcean delivers a trust network to its users to unlock the power of the internet for business initiation, collaboration, technology transfer, ideation, match-making, and so on. It is a blockchain based platform that is an environment of trust in the internet.

A trusted environment is vital for every organization core activities: To initiate new business, to drive innovation, to invest in the right start-ups, to get access to the best technology & services or to collaborate with other organizations. Offline meeting such as exhibitions, business meeting or congresses are key trusted settings, but are limited currently due to social distancing as a result of Corona / COVID-19. ipOcean is the online alternative.

We have analyzed hundreds of processes in the industry to design a trust network that allows to share valuable information with selected audiences only while being protected. Started as an ideation platform, ipOcean developed into a market place of market places for all type of information while keeping the freemium model.

Especially trustful collaboration is becoming more important each day as complexity, ambiguity, volatility and uncertainty is increasing significantly in today’s accelerating digital age. In a perfect world, innovation processes would build on the collaboration of the best ideas, would use the Global brain pool to deliver quickly great solutions.

Reality today is that innovation processes lack openness as innovation correlates to financial success. Trust is the key hurdle to overcome when sharing and exchanging ideas openly. Companies that can adapt their culture will be tomorrow’s winners in the market.

Why is this trust network freemium? We want that everybody can join and benefit Globally to support the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

ipOcean - The B2B Trust Network
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