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ipOcean - Let ideas fly! fast - easy - secure

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ipOcean: The protected social network for ideas and challenges – let ideas fly: fast, easy, and most importantly secure. Collaborative innovation is becoming reality: The blockchain based platform with a virtualized legal process in the background and with AI supported matching of ideas and challenges.

Initial partners and supporter  

Fast - as a social network

  •  from idea or challenge to a partner incl. agreement within one day  

Secure - as in offline meetings

  • you control who will see your idea or challenge 
  • enforceable agreements be built in the background while selecting partners  

Easy - no 3rd party, no paperwork and free/low price

  • Easy process to secure and post your idea or challenge 
  • Easy explore function to screen content 
  • Easy to contact partners  
Start now. Support ipOcean.

Why ipOcean? There are three key facts:

Dr. Holger Geißler

Dr. Emil Stoyanov

Dr. Holger Bengs

"We believe in open innovation!"

Our mission: We want to organize the world`s ideas and challenges and make them fast, easily and safely accessible, verifiable and useful

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Our alpha version is ready and we have kicked-off the design and programming of the beta version!

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Meet us at European Chemistry Partnering 27th February 2020, Frankfurt  


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How we let YOU win

1. It's about you!

You are a really creative person with great ideas and inventions and you are fed up with the fact that there is no reliable opportunity to discuss them openly without worrying about being fooled or exploited. 

You desire that your concrete ideas are accommodated, you get money and recognition for them and you can be sure that your ideas are used for something good.  

You wish there would be the opportunity to easily share your great ideas, with the effect that you will have long-term success and recognition.  

2. The reality

The more people have access to your great idea, the more people copy and sell it as their own idea. 

 You are scared of sharing ideas and become more and more frustrated.  

That is how real life actually works– money makes the world go round, top sticks below & the status quo is set.  

3. Our contribution: ipOcean

We believe that ideas have to be combined to reject today’s global threats. Therefore people’s ideas need to be honored. 

 We are scientists who have been confronted with the problem of trust repeatedly. That’s why we have founded the start-up ipOcean. 

We have the competence to achieve our target: Finally organizing the world`s ideas and challenges to make them fast, easily and safely accessible, verifiable and useful!  

4. ipOcean is for you

We offer a platform where ideas and inventions can be safely shared.  

In a simple 3-step process you share your ideas and inventions safely with peoples who can take this idea forward. Moreover you build important relationships.  

Throughout you can be sure that we as the provider don’t see your idea as well. We use blockchain technology - which everyone is able to understand – to protect your idea. Furthermore you have no cost to send your idea on its way.  

5. Start now with ipOcean

Let your ideas fly and let them flourish!  

If you discuss your ideas only with the few trustworthy persons in your surrounding environment you will probably miss the chance to find essential partners around the world on a even faster and more easily & safely way with ipOcean.  

With ipOcean you have a trustworthy platform to transform your ideas to innovation, to find investors, to find partners joining your vison, to connect with people having similar ideas, to combine many ideas, to contribute to challenges of the world AND HAVING FULL CONTROL + VALIDATION OVER YOUR CONTRIBUTION  

How we let You win tomorrow

How it works today