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The point of no return is not negotiable.
It is a scientific fact!

We all have ideas that can make a contribution and have significant impact if combined with the ideas of others. Fighting climate change needs exactly this fast innovation with impact.

Use of the platform for projects aimed at socially impactful causes such as Coronavirus or the Climate Crisis will be FREE.

The last few years were the warmest years in modern record (Nasa 2019).
The global mean temperature has already risen by 1 Degree (IPCC 2013, 2018). With the result of regional droughts, floods and forest fires (IPCC 2012, 2013, 2018; National Academics of Sciences, Engeneering, and Medicine 2016).

If human being fails to change
the point of no return will be passed in 2035

[1] Aengenheyster, M., Feng, Q. Y., van der Ploeg, F., & Dijkstra, H. A. (2018). The point of no return for climate action: effects of climate uncertainty and risk tolerance, Earth Syst. Dynam., 9, 1085–1095.