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ipOcean for Open Innovation 2.0

Attract top talent for cutting edge solutions
specific to your needs

ipOcean: Open innovation 2.0

Total clarity on intellectual property incl. a process for terms and conditions

Top Talents know the valuable ideas are the ones worth protecting

On-demand group formation and specialized networks as open, private or closed groups.

What's left are quality solutions or the future of open innovation

Traditional: Open innovation

Lack of clarity around ip and terms and conditions or complex setups

Top talent will steer clear for fear of having their solution just copied

Current platforms are broad in scope and don't target solutions relevant to your specific industry needs.

What's left are fast and cheap solutions not really addressing your need


Open innovation 2.0 - Workflow on ipOcean

Open Innovation Flow

The problem to
trade solutions and innovation online


Trust & Security

How to protect ownership on your data ?


How to negotiate and sign agreements on the fly e.g. NDAs?


How to leverage existing networks and ecosystems?