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ipOcean for associations


You have a great community, but how can you engage in joint action to drive fast innovation with impact that tackles Key Global Risks?

Build Networks

How can you find and attract talent and obtain useful resources for your organization?

Find your collaborative partners by sharing your solutions and start custom campaigns based on your needs

Host hackathons and matchathons

How can you find impactful answers to various challenges regarding key Global Risks such as the Coronavirus or Climate Crisis?

Define your challenge and invite your members and community. Capture, share and promote the most impactful solutions

Increase your visibility

Looking for a way to get in touch with your community and acquire new members?

Engage with companies, start-ups, and Researchers in your industry and build your reputation and visibility

Join ipOcean to get a fast, low priced and secure network for data ownership protection, trusted data exchanges and collaboration & innovation.

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