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Data Privacy / Site Notice

ipOcean for Clinics

Your daily experience with patients and improvements on treatments and medical technologies is valuable and should not go to waste. But how can you secure, promote and capitalize on this valuable information in a GDPR compliant way?


Quick data-transfer for treatment protocols

You need a way to transfer sensitive data, e.g. treatment protocols & patient information in real time without violating privacy?

Build your legal documentation for privacy once and start sharing it in realtime with your community.

Capture and share daily innovations

Operations and treatments are a constant source of innovative ideas to improve protocolls and technology. But, how can you capture and share this value in trusted way?

Present your solutions with your data secured verifiably and share them via your network or social media channels

Find partners to collaborate with

You want to join forces with other problem solvers to fight key health risks or improve treatments for crises such as the Coronavirus so you're looking for a quick way to collaborate in trusted, privacy ensuring environment?

Find your collaborative partners by sharing your solutions and starting campaigns based on your needs


The barriers to collaboration and innovation

Major trust & security concerns when sharing or searching for ideas, knowhow, intellectual property or data

How can you protect your ownership when sharing via internet?

Complicated, time consuming process for organizations to start collaborating cross-company

How can you quickly exchange know-how, data, ideas, ...?

Offline meetings, connect fairs & events are rare with limited reach with no access to the Global brain pool 

How can you get fast access to experts in a trusted setting?