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ipOcean for Corporations

Innovation and Collaboration are key for your and your clients' success and here is a solution to attract and update partners via the Trust B2B Network ipOcean?


Your protected B2B Market Place

You want to provide your B2B clients an up-to-date details in a protected over your know-how, data, or technologies ?

Create your B2B group with today's and future clients and make content available in real-time in confidential and privacy ensuring way.

Innovation Boost

Want to get top talent involved and share or search for know-how, ideas, intellectual property or business cases easily?

Build on-demand B2B groups, start open innovation / hackathons and upgrade your intrapreneurship tools

Confidential & Trusted Data-Tranfer

Looking for less time-comsuming processes to exchange sensitive data cross company and to collaborate?

Exchange your data in real-time while securing ownership and confidentiality with verifiablitiy to enforce your rights if needed


The barriers to collaboration and innovation

Major trust & security concerns when sharing or searching for ideas, knowhow, intellectual property or data

How can you protect your ownership when sharing via internet?

Complicated, time consuming process for organizations to start collaborating cross-company

How can you quickly exchange know-how, data, ideas, ...?

Offline meetings, connect fairs & events are rare with limited reach with no access to the Global brain pool 

How can you get fast access to experts in a trusted setting?