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ipOcean for Investors


The business field is hot and you are looking for the best Start-Ups? Or, you have a great investment opportunity and are looking for other investors to join?

Find Great Opportunities

Looking for promising young Start-ups and opportunities in emerging business areas?

Setup your private group and ask Start-ups to present their business case within this group e.g. via your webpage.

Fast Exchange of Sensitive Data

looking to quickly get a trusted community involved with your investment solution

Protect your information, build your blockchain-ready legal documents and post a description to your audience.

Find Partners to Collaborate with

Looking for fellow investors to collaborate with in great investment opportunities?

Secure your investment opportunity on the platform, create an attractive post and start your campaign.

Join ipOcean to get a fast, low priced and secure network for data ownership protection, trusted data exchanges and collaboration & innovation.

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