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ipOcean for Laboratories

Your everyday advancements on analytics and technology are marketable resources and should not go to waste. But how can you securely promote and capitalize on this valuable information in a GDPR compliant way?


Fast transfer of sensitive data

Need a way to transfer sensitive data, e.g. protocols incl. patient information in real time without violating privacy?

Secure your information, build your legal documentation for sharing and start engaging in realtime with your community.

Capture and share everyday insights

Analytics and testing are a constant source of innovative insights on how to improve processes and technology. But, how can you capture and share this value in a trusted way?

Present your solutions with your data secured and verifiable and share via your network and social media channels

Find partners to collaborate with

Your great solutions need further expertise or help to become marketable and you're looking for a quick path to collaboration and open innovation?

Find your collaborative partners by sharing your solutions and start custom campaigns based on your needs

The problem to
trade solutions and innovation online


Trust & Security

How to protect ownership on your data ?


How to negotiate and sign agreements on the fly e.g. NDAs?


How to leverage existing networks and ecosystems?