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ipOcean for universities

Your academics, students and research groups are highly creative and innovative. Are you looking to unlock and capture this potential?


Open & Collaborative Innovation

Do you want to run open innovation challenges or hackathons where participants can submit and secure ownership of their ideas at the same time?

Carry out challenges and receive proposals with the data secured on a blockchain as you work

Secure, Promote & Capitalize

Do you want to secure ownership on your newest technology, business-cases, know-how or intellectual property and share it within a trusted environment?

Present your solutions with your ownership secured and share them via your network or social media channels

Build your network and Reputation

Are you looking for ways to increase your institutions visibility and network while providing your students and researchers with more resources and opportunities?

Join our community and take part in Hackathons and open innovation Challenges


The barriers to collaboration and innovation

Major trust & security concerns when sharing or searching for ideas, knowhow, intellectual property or data

How can you protect your ownership when sharing via internet?

Complicated, time consuming process for organizations to start collaborating cross-company

How can you quickly exchange know-how, data, ideas, ...?

Offline meetings, connect fairs & events are rare with limited reach with no access to the Global brain pool 

How can you get fast access to experts in a trusted setting?